Monday, December 22, 2008

Standing Again

Today I stood for the first time since the week before my recent surgery on December 2. Everything has finally healed and I was able to stand for 28 minutes (14 at 70° and 14 at 90°). Normally, when a person stands after not standing for a while, their blood pressure will usually drop and they will not be able to stand for very long. That's exactly what I thought would've happened to me. I went in the stander expecting the worst and got out feeling great.

My normal blood pressure is usually around 100/60. The lowest my blood pressure got today was 68/43. That is extremely good for me considering my lowest so far in the stander was unreadable (yes, I did almost pass out). The lowest readable blood pressure was 44/31. That's when my eyes start to go black. Probably not a good thing. I am very excited to be standing again. I hope my blood pressure stays where it's supposed to.


"The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope."
-Frank Lloyd Wright


Jackie said...

Hi Jenni,
Thank you for the update. Sounds like you are taking your standing program slow which is good. Keep up the great work!

Steph said...

ahh u make me nervous Jennifer! So proud of you. Im busy busy working at caribou tonight until xmas eve and day that I have off. I have 1 paper to type this weekend then Im home free from school!!! yay. We should hang next week? what days are u or email me after the holidays, merry christmas and tell the family the same. love u, steph