Monday, December 8, 2008

Paddle With Might

Paddle With Might

The waters of this great river push me further and further from my beginning. I am on a journey, as my life slowly turns into a relaxation. As a bump over rocks and smoothly flow right through the ripples, I am tempted to realize what life is really all about. As I dip my paddle to and fro, I laugh and sing as my sweet innocent face glows. Life is now as it seems, peaceful as a river... happy as can be. Paddle with might.
-Jenni Taylor

One of my favorite things that I used to do before my accident was to go canoeing. I loved being on the river, paddle in hand, sharing a moment with friends, and being at peace with myself. I made up this poem before my accident, when I used to canoe all the time. I went to camp Icaghowan (a YMCA camp in Amery, Wisconsin) every summer and we would go canoeing. One summer I was a Challenger at Camp, and we went canoeing and camping on the St. Croix River forth 10 days. That was the best. I hope to someday canoe once more and experience new journeys all over again.



Sandy said...

Beautiful Poem Jenni! It is wisdom so beautifully put. Thank You for sharing!

Matthew Smith said...

Hi there,

Do you know about Hilary Lister? She is a British quadriplegic woman who has done various sailing records, such as being the first quad to sail solo (well, with a support boat half a mile away) across the English Channel and is currently sailing round Britain. You can find her website here but do a Google search for her as well because the Times and Telegraph have long interviews with her.