Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lefse Making

Have any of you ever made lefse before? Man it's a lot of work. Even though I'm just the observer I still get exhausted watching people peel all those potatoes and then rice them into a bowl. I remember when I was younger watching my grandma make lefse. This weekend we made lefse. Its background is Scandinavian. If you have never made lefse before or have never seen it done, here's how it works:

You take 5 pounds of red potatoes and peel them and cut them into quarter pieces. Then you boil them until done. After they are done, you take what is called a potato ricer, and rice the potatoes. After or in between ricing, you add butter, sugar, whipping cream and salt. Sounds healthy doesn't it. You let the dough sit until room temperature and then refrigerate overnight. The next day, you take the dough and rice it once more before adding flour. Now comes the frying part. You take about a golf ball size of dough and roll it out into an extremely thin, flat pancake like form. Then you use a special stick to pick up the lefse and set it on to a heritage or lefse grill at 500°. After about 30 seconds or until bubbles appear on the top you use the stick to turn it over. After done, let it sit under a towel until cool, and then freeze in bags until ready to eat. Click here for more detailed lefse making instructions. Something to know: there are many different recipes and instructions for making lefse. You can also double or triple the recipe to make more.


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