Monday, December 15, 2008

A Little Training Goes a Long Way

I have posted below a video of me and my Dad's dog, Bailey. He is a Black Labrador retriever. Talk about well trained. He responds to me extremely well. Because I am not able to give affection by petting, most animals ignore my commands and calls (including my cats). Even the service dogs (when I was trying to get one) at Helping Paws didn't respond to me as well as he does. Bailey is different. He has learned through treats to respond and listen to me when I ask him to do things. He is also a very smart dog, which helps in the learning process. He knows a lot of tricks and this is just one of the many that he will do for me. Watch in amazement as his discipline and manners shine.



Teoni :) said...

Aww loved it! He's not only smart but very cute!

Xavia x said...

You're both amazing!


(Thankyou for showing me Teoni :D )

Steph said...

maybe you can teach bailey to be your service dog?? just a suggestion. :)

Jackie said...

What a great dog! :) He seems very smart!