Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fun Day

Hi everyone.

We went to the Science Museum of Minnesota today and did the interactive special exhibition CSI: The Experience. It is made up of three separate crime scenes, although you only get to do one per time. When we went through, we first spent five minutes at a crime scene collecting evidence. Then we went into the crime lab and they had all the evidence laid out at different sections. We pieced together the crime until we finally solved it and figured out who was the murderer.

The exhibition is based off of the hit show CSI. With 67 million viewers a week, I guess they thought they ought to build something that people can interact with and solve crimes as well. They actually had the characters from CSI on video throughout the exhibition. It was really fun and I would definitely go again, minus all the people.

I forgot how much fun the Science Museum actually is. Next time I go there I'm going to go to the Omni theater and see either Mysteries of the Great Lakes or Grand Canyon Adventure (which one I will see will depend on when I go). Or maybe I will go twice and see both of them.


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