Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not Again!

There is something wrong with my electric wheelchair again. For some reason I am not able to drive it myself. I called the company in California and they told me there might be something wrong with the display box and that I should send it in to see if they can repair it. And if they can't? Where will we go from here? Why does this keep happening to me? What a bummer! Just when I got my independence back and able to drive it myself again something goes wrong. I asked the guy if these things only happen to me because it seems like I have a lot of problems with this wheelchair. He didn't say anything which makes me think that I am the only one who has bad luck with this particular system. Needless to say someone else is driving me using the joystick on the back of my wheelchair. It's probably going to take a couple of weeks to send it there, have them repair it, and then send it back. I know I am frustrated but I also know that I have to have patience so that this matter doesn't consume me.


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Greg said...

its not you....when you are doing the repairs will you have a back up chair?