Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Poem for All


because i call it challenge rather than crisis;

because i look at hardship as opportunity instead of obstacle;

because, at the end of a matter, i ask, "what will i learn from this to make me better?";

because i take a deep breath and do the difficult things first;

because my courage does not depend on the weather, the economic forecast or the winds of whim;

because i know the most significant elements in my day are laughter, learning and applying my finest efforts to each endeavor;

because of these things each morning is a pleasure and every day passed is a success.
-Mary anne Radmacher

I bought this 8 x 11 card stock piece of paper with this poem on it at a store close to me. They said it would be great for framing or giving as a gift. There were many more poems that I could have chosen from but I liked this one the best because it really kind of captures me. Each paper had a hand-done art design on it and the writing looked like it was handwritten as well.

I started looking up this woman on the Internet and fell in love with her writings and style. She does and writes everything I like and more. If any of you have a chance, I recommend that you click here to visit her website and view her original writings and art.

In the plastic cover that the paper came in there was a separate slip of paper where Mary anne tells you a little bit about herself...
"i am primarily a writer who has a passionate relationship with color, design, and form. i have a history of fascination with words, starting from a very young age. within my body of work there exists a host of consistent elements. my writing reflects philosophies inherent to my being. these include: a commitment to passionate, intentional living; valuing wellness; and embracing the moment. my writing style is unique to me and I developed it specifically for my work. i write exclusively in lowercase letters."
-Mary anne



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Steph said...

Cool! I like her too :)