Monday, March 2, 2009

A New Gadget

The other day I went to Best Buy and bought a camcorder. I also bought software to edit the videos that I make. I figured I could videotape parts of my life and add them to my blog. Right now I'm just using my digital camera to make short videos. It definitely isn't as good of quality. Now I just have to figure out how to use it. I'm going to write and direct my own documentary one day. Yeah right, like that will happen. I guess anything is possible. The video camera that I bought is a Panasonic with image stabilization. Image stabilization is a feature that compensates for peoples shakiness.

I merely just made a joke but I think I embarrassed the guy that was helping me. I was talking to my mom and I told her out loud that it was a good thing that we got image stabilization just in case while I was holding the camera I spasmed. Obviously it wouldn't matter since I can't hold the camera anyways. We both started laughing and the poor guy thought we were laughing at him. My mom explained to him that I was paralyzed and that I was just making a joke and then he felt bad. Earlier he had tried to hand me the software that would edit the videos for my computer and I didn't take it from him. Once he found out I was paralyzed he said "so that's why you didn't grab it from me. I kept trying to give it to you and you just wouldn't take it. I didn't realize you were paralyzed; you should have said something." Sorry Jeff!



Greg said...

I can't wait to see your videos, great idea. I'm such a gadget geek!

Steph said...

ha ha! Love this story :) I bet he was so embarrassed Jenni...hope all is well with you dear. I am at work so I thought I would drop in and say hello....keep blogging xoxo Steph

Matthew Smith said...

With a quality digital camera you can make quite good films - my sister's boyfriend is an aspiring film-maker and they did a rather good short film using, I think, a Canon EOS 5D. Obviously, that's an SLR and quite expensive, but there are whole websites dedicated to DSLR filming. You can see the film here.