Sunday, March 22, 2009

Did You Know?

I eat regularly.

There are many people with traches/ventilators who are unable to swallow properly. In that case they are unable to eat regularly. Most are fed through a gastrostomy tube, otherwise known as a G-tube, that is implanted in the stomach. A feeding pump can be connected to the G-tube and can run at whatever rate it is set. After my accident I had a G-tube and was tube fed. I was unable to eat regularly until a few months after my accident. Even then I was getting a mix of tube feedings and eating real food. I finally was able to eat real food and skip the feedings altogether. I went in for surgery to get my G-tube taken out and replaced it with a Mic-key button. It is also a G-tube but unlike the one I had before, the button gets changed every 4-6 months. My nurses give me water and some medications through there while I'm sleeping.

I like a lot of foods but my favorites are potatoes (baked and baby red), steak, and grilled asparagus. I couldn't imagine going back to tube feedings. Not only did they make me feel sick, but I don't think my taste buds would allow it. I actually eat pretty healthy. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and meats are my staples. However, I do enjoy snacks here and there.



tom penguin said...

hey im a c1 quad was in a car accident 4 years ago, im 17 now. as well as being vent dependent i cannot swallow so the doctors have said i will have to have the g-tube permernantly( a real bugger)

Natalie said...

I'm a C2 myself and had a G-tube for almost 6 months but I'm on regular food now also. Happy days! I eat real clean still, I aways did because I was an athlete. I'm so with you on the steak and you may not like it but I love sushi.