Friday, March 13, 2009

The Birds

The above pictures are of my birds Cole (the gray one) and Rio (the yellow one). They are both female parakeets. I usually have someone take them out of their cage about once a week. They're kind of scared of most people. Neither of them can talk but both can whistle and make noises and they usually repeat after me. Sometimes I like to have the cage door open and sit in front of the cage. Cole usually comes to the door and talks to me and sometimes she comes out on the outside of the cage. They can get noisy at times but they're a lot of fun to watch.

It is hilarious to watch them with the cat. Toby likes to watch them play and he is good for the most part but sometimes he gets a little too close. That's when Cole will peck at him and chase him away. Our other cat Ty just runs away from the birds when they come out. I think he's been disciplined too many times and he knows what will happen if he gets too close. Ty has killed birds, mice, baby bunnies and chipmunks outside so I don't trust him with my birds. I love all my animals. I also have two male Beta fish (in separate tanks otherwise they will attack each other).


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Greg said...

Really beautiful birds!