Saturday, January 31, 2009

Public Speaking Class

Hello all.

I have been enjoying my public speaking class. I'm actually learning more than I thought I would. Our first speech was an introductory speech. We had to select a song that was representative of our life, personality, interests etc. We could either play part of the song or read some of the lyrics. We then had to tell why the song was special to us along with some information on our background, life, career and academic pursuits, etc. I chose to read some of the lyrics of the song "We Live" by Superchick. I posted the lyrics a couple posts ago. I then explained what had happened to me and where I am today.

Tuesday I gave a speech with a partner on one of the chapters in our book. We were supposed to make really dry material seem fun and interesting. I think we did a pretty good job speaking and getting the material across without making it sound too boring. I think we need to actually practice the speech for the next one. We will be presenting a news event to the class. I'm not sure which one we're going to do yet but I know it has to represent a "social" issue.

The last five speeches after the news event one will be on our own. Three of them will be videotaped and we will have to critique ourselves. That should be fun. I learn a lot from watching myself and others speak; like what to do and what not to do during a presentation. I am excited to use the new skills I've learned in upcoming speeches. I will keep you updated on my class and the speeches that I do.


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