Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meeting a New Friend

I am so excited! Today I met my new friend Karly. I did a post on her December 7 called Inspired by Love. She also has a blog by that name. Karly and I have been chatting through e-mail for a while now. She lives about an hour away from me. Today I went to her house and met her for the first time. She is an amazing person. It is especially interesting to see the way she copes with her disability called Rett syndrome. I am honored to have her as a friend.



Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Her blog is so encouraging! I am so glad you got to meet her.

Bryanne said...

Karly's blog is great, just like yours! She is featured in an EasyStand Customer Story. You can read on our website

Plus I think it is cool that you both live close to our company here in Minnesota.