Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Weather and Nursing Again

I know I talk about Minnesota weather a lot, but I just can't stop sharing with people how odd it can be. Today was one of those days. It's the beginning of March, 50°F, very dark and gloomy, snow is still covering about 65 to 70% of the ground, and it's raining out. Now that's weird weather. When I went to school earlier today it was pouring rain with thunder and lightning. I guess the good thing about it is that it's melting the snow and washing away all of the dirt. I'm also glad it's rain and not a bunch of snow.

Tuesday and Wednesday I had a nurse working who was just filling in for me because we had some open shifts. It's really nice when I can get someone to cover them. The only thing that is hard about that is when a nurse is working who hasn't worked with me before or doesn't work very often. Then I have to train them in and tell them exactly what I want and how I do things. I usually direct my cares anyways, but it becomes very challenging to have to say every little detail and thing to do. Also, since I rely on others to do everything for me, it can be physically exhausting to talk someone through doing my cares and helping me. That's not to say anything about the nurse or not wanting help from someone new, because I know that they are just doing the best they can and I am very patient about it. It's just another difficult task to handle.


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Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

We've had 3 different caregivers this week and no one yesterday. The girl that has been coming out for the past month was here on Monday but called in sick the remainder of the week. Yesterday they were not able to send anyone but we made do. I think my nephew has actually enjoyed the new girls filling in better. One was 20 and the other was 21. He just turned 22in January. In the past he has had a problem with the agency sending new workers but now he seems to enjoy seeing who they will send next. Have a nice weekend. I hope things get better for you soon.