Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring! Hopefully this means good weather coming our way. I've been very bored on my break. I haven't really gone anywhere or done much. Can't wait to get back to school tomorrow. Although I have had to do some reading homework over the last week. I did go to Best Buy the other day to look for a microphone headset for my computer. The one I have now is coming apart and unraveling so the wires are exposed. I have to have someone mess with the cord whenever I go on my computer because it stops working. They didn't have the one that I wanted so I got a standing microphone instead of a headset. I tried it already but it didn't work because it didn't pick up my voice since it has to sit so far away. So I'm stuck with this one for now. Seems to be working okay for this post.


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