Monday, March 1, 2010

Beautiful and Sunny

The past couple of days have been gorgeous outside. The sun is definitely getting warmer and spring is on its way. Yesterday the high was 35°F and today it's 37°F. All of the snow is melting and there's giant puddles of water everywhere. It's also revealing all the potholes on the roads from the salt.

I went to a doctor's appointment today. While waiting for my ride, I sat outside in the sun for 20 minutes. It felt so good! It's amazing how we Minnesotans think 35°F is warm. In the fall when it hits that temperature everyone thinks it's cold and puts a sweater on because they've been so used to the hot summer. However, at this temperature in the spring you see people outside in T-shirts because they've been frozen all winter. I wasn't in a T-shirt but I did see a construction worker across the street from the hospital where I had my appointment wearing one.



Matthew Smith said...

We are having the same problems with roads here in England too. We had some snow in December and January - a few inches in two bursts either side of Christmas - and it caused really bad damage to some of the roads, and some local roads were closed around here for weeks, and one of them still is (and this is the road people had to divert onto when they closed two others in the 1980s, to stop people using them as an unofficial by-pass road). I think it's the recession that means local councils can't repair damaged roads.

I know what you mean about thinking temperatures just above freezing are warm. Here, we don't get feet of snow and the frigid temperatures you get, but some of us still prefer bright, cold days to grey, miserable days when the temperature is a few degrees higher. Keeping the cold out is much easier than keeping the rain off.

Cheryl said...

How's the Gillette construction going? I wish I was there to see it. I miss that place as odd as it sounds, missing a hospital...