Friday, May 1, 2009

Bailey Tricks

Last weekend on Saturday my dad came over and he brought his dog, Bailey. The first picture is of my dad and I. I like when my dad comes over. Our favorite thing to do together is play cribbage. Sometimes my sister plays with us too. My dad is the one who taught us how to play cribbage, however, I think I'm the best.

The other thing we do when he comes over with his dog is to have Bailey do tricks for treats. He is very good and gentle around me and unlike most other dogs he listens to me. I videotaped Bailey doing his latest trick, touching the light switch. Soon I believe he will be able to actually turn the switch on and off. I tried to add it to the post but it wouldn't work. Maybe next time I can get another video of him doing tricks with me. For now I just posted a picture of him staring me in the eyes waiting for my okay so that he can eat the treat on my lap.

Bailey can do many tricks including dancing, giving high-fives and high tens, shaking with both paws, standing tall on his hind legs, crawling etc. There are many more on the list but I just can't name them all. I did a post a while back featuring a video of Bailey doing a trick we call "paws up" with me. If you would like to watch that one, just click here.


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