Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Signature Stamps

Usually when I sign things I do it with my mouth (the same way that I paint). I'm pretty good at writing capital letters if I use a Sharpe marker. I'm unable to write stuff with a pen or pencil because I would have to put a lot of pressure on the paper to get it to write. I decided a while ago that I wanted a signature stamp so that I wouldn't have to pull out the Sharpe and an alcoholic wipe every time I had to sign something.

About two weeks ago I went to Office Depot to have one made. I signed my name and then they made it right there while I waited. I could've used an old signature from before my accident, but I wanted it to be something that I could still write now just in case. I think they turned out really good. Definitely easier than signing myself. I got one that says my name and one with my initials.



Matthew Smith said...

I have a signature file which is a scan of my real sig. I used to use it a lot, when I used to type out covering letters for job applications on my Mac, then fax them straight out of the machine (no other OS seems to have that capability) - it made it look like a real signed covering letter. Nowadays I mostly use email, and for some reason there's no equivalent of signing on an email (unless you want to get all technical and use Enigmail, but I've never worked out how to use that).

Steph said...

Post pictures!!

Dana Marshall/DanaWheels said...

I have a signature stamp that I use, and have used for years... I'm waiting to order #3 now... the thing is, they want me to sign my signature AGAIN for #3, and I have the stamp part of #2 (the casing fell apart) and I want them to use that, but they are balking. It's a signature from about 10 years ago, when my hands didn't hurt so much.

I was born with CP, and it affects both my arms and legs, but it's really started affecting my arms and hands so I had a signature stamp made. Now I want #4 made, but hte company won't put the old signature in the new casing they want me to sign again! How stupid is that?