Friday, August 27, 2010

Carbon Footprint

Now that I'm taking an environmental biology class, I know I'm going to start becoming more cautious about things; like what gets used and thrown away, leaving lights and appliances on etc. I am extremely influenced by books and classes about things and ideas like this. I remember when I took a principles of nutrition class a couple of years ago. It completely changed the way I thought about food and what I ate.

Most people wouldn't believe the amount of supplies and necessary household items that someone like me with a team of eight nurses and two PCAs goes through on average. I try my hardest to make sure we do what we can to minimize our use and waste. In the last four months, we switched to using hand towels for drying instead of paper towels. That made a huge difference. We were going through like 30 rolls every couple months. Some people were reluctant because of infection control, but I worry about how much waste we were producing.

Does anyone else think about their carbon footprint and what they leave behind for the rest of the world?



Kristen said...

Just to let you know...I took environmental biology already so, if you need any help it all...I got ya covered :) Who is your teacher?

Anonymous said...

Anytime you can conserve our environment it's a good thing. Good job.