Friday, July 16, 2010

Yay for Me

I'm finished! I know I've talked a lot about this class, but that's only because it was extremely difficult for me. I just submitted my final exam and am now officially done with it. I feel very relieved and excited to have finished because there were many times along the way where I felt like quitting and just dropping the class.

This morning I had physical therapy. She flipped me onto my stomach (in the prone position) and worked on relaxing my back muscles. I have a massage table that I bought so that I can go prone whenever I need to. My massage therapist flips me over too when he comes once a week. Before my accident I used to always sleep on my stomach, so it's my favorite position to be in.

Tomorrow I'm hopefully going to go to Target so I can pick up some well needed items. Then I'm going to enjoy my day and read for fun. That sounds good to me.

There will definitely be better posts to come now that I have some time.



Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Good Job! Those of us that have been to college certainly understand. Very stressful...but very rewarding. Keep up the good work. Hang in there.

Steph said...

I hate when we used to have to flip you!! Made my heart skip beats and jump to my throat....but I know you enjoy it. :) Just never do it when I am around haha

I hope you are getting along okay after Ty's passing....I remember when my bird died awhile ago; devastating. No matter how big they are, they are still part of the family.

Love ya hun! When you are feeling up to it--lets hang out. Maybe next week? Let me know what works best.