Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Flooring

I did a post a few weeks ago talking about how my sister's room flooded. We've had to rip up a lot of carpet; everything in her room, down the hallway and a few parts in my room. We decided to put in laminate floors that look like wood instead of putting new carpeting down. That will take place tomorrow in my room when I'm out of it. Right now the rest of the carpet in my room is being torn up in preparation.

Yesterday we started taking all of the furniture and stuff out of my room. I feel like I'm moving or something packing all these boxes. My room looks so bare right now because there's hardly anything in it; only my bed, couch, and a plastic drawer set that my birds are sitting on in their cage. Hopefully my room will be done by the end of the day tomorrow. I think it will look real nice when it's all finished.


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Greg said...

I love hardwood floors, they are beautiful and really easy to get around using a wheelchair. Hope you are doing well, take care