Thursday, July 1, 2010

Figuring It All out

It's a beautiful day here in Minnesota, sunny and 80°F. I'm stuck inside right now preparing for my online exam that I have to take some time today. Then I have to read a bunch of articles and write a paper on the main points and my opinion of one of them (due tomorrow). By Saturday I have to generate discussion posts with my class talking about the readings. Oh yeah, and I have to read chapter 13 (25 pages) in my textbook. Maybe in my free time? And I decided to update all of you on my hectic homework schedule instead of actually doing it because I'm procrastinating on taking my exam. Perhaps I should just take the exam right now and then go outside and read while getting some fresh air and a tan. Okay, now I've got a plan going. Can you tell I've been stressed?


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Anonymous said...

Let us know how the test goes. Good luck!