Monday, July 5, 2010

Update on Exam

It was an extremely hard exam. I ended up getting 31.5/40; 79%. The same score I got on the first exam. The worst was the four short answer questions worth 3 points each. I think I did really good on the rest of it (matching and true false). The class average for the first exam we took was 78% and it was 75% for the second. I'm hoping the final on the 16th is easier but I may be fooling myself. Just have to study harder I guess. I've been very busy with homework for this class and I will be glad when it's all over. Then I can enjoy the rest of my summer. I miss doing leisure activities such as reading, playing games, painting and even going outside to enjoy the sunshine. Only two more weeks left. Well, back to my reading analysis paper that's due by midnight tonight.


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Steph said...

Thinking about you! Starting to find time to read your blog again during my lunch break at work....glad to hear you are doing well in your class. I will be working on my house a lot this weekend probably but we should find time maybe next week to hang out?

Love, Steph