Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Update

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Minnesota. On Saturday I went to my friend Karly's CD release party. It was so amazing. They did a presentation sharing about her and how she writes her songs: one note at a time. That was near Stillwater which is almost an hour away from my house. It was worth the drive though.

Sunday I went to church in the morning and then my dad came over with his dog Bailey in the afternoon. My sister also came over after work. Then in the evening my friend Steph came over for dinner. We hung out and watched TV.

Yesterday I stayed at home for a well needed break. I went outside in the backyard and watched my mom plant some flowers. Our garden is coming along; everything is growing already and there are flowers blooming in the front yard. Not to mention all the weeds, including those prickers and dandylions.

Today I went to school. It's a beautiful day in Minnesota. Last year it snowed in the middle of April. I don't think that's going to happen this year since it didn't even snow in March which is very usual. I got picked up 20 minutes late by Metro mobility and then I was on the bus for an hour and 20 minutes. I didn't get home until almost 4 PM. That gives me no time to even do anything before I get back in bed at 5 PM. Then I do my cares and eat around 6 PM.

So there's your update on what I've been up to the past four days.


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kylee said...

Really glad that theres good weather.Too bad you got picked up late.