Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I haven't really written much about school this semester. So far in my Psychology of Religion and Spirituality class we've talked about how we know what we know, conceptualizing religion/spirituality, science and religion, biological and environmental influences, mysticism, conversion, prayer and turning away from religion. We've had a panel of speakers sharing their religions and one speaker come in and talk about a mystical experience she had. On Thursday were having someone come in and speak about demon possession and exorcism. Then next week we're talking about evil and virtue. I know it sounds like a lot, but it's extremely interesting. There's definitely thinking involved in a class like this. It brings up a lot of questions that we usually discuss in class. It hasn't changed my mind at all about what I believe, just opened my eyes to what is out there.

Today we didn't have class because it was College Success Day. It was a bunch of free workshops and classes that students could go to. I decided to go instead of just staying home. The first one I tried to go to at 12 PM was called great myths in psychology. When I got to the classroom it was so packed that people were standing outside of the doors. Definitely no way I was getting into that one. Too bad, because it would've been interesting. I tried going into another one but that was full too. So then I just waited for the next one I wanted to go to called life saving robots. It ended up not even being about robots but about security cameras. The speaker talked about cameras in stores and the people viewing them and what they watch for. It was kind of interesting; worth listening to and getting an extra credit point I guess.

I signed up to take a Mass Communications class online this summer. I had signed up for it this last semester, but dropped it because it would have been a big workload with the psychology class as well. Communication classes are my favorite; I love taking them. I actually signed up for Intercultural Communications for this fall. I think that'll be interesting as well. I'm also going to sign up for an online class, but haven't decided which one. It's between Environmental Biology and Creative Writing.


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Just discovered your blog. Thank you for sharing your story and your beautiful spirit.
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