Friday, April 23, 2010

Standing with the Cats

I've still been using my stander 2 to 3 times a week. Every time is different with how many degrees I'm able to get up to. My goal every time is 90°. In the past couple months though, I haven't been able to get up past 60 or 70°. And it usually takes me about half an hour to get there. My body just isn't as tolerant as it used to be with standing. If I go too high, my blood pressure drops and I start to see black spots. Then I have to go back down immediately.

My normal blood pressure is usually around 90/60. When I'm standing, it can get down to about 60/40. Sometimes it gets low enough to where it won't read and says Error even though I'm still feeling fine. My doctor says as long as I don't pass out, I'm good because it's normal for people with spinal cord injuries to have low blood pressure. It gets really frustrating not to be able to get up all the way. I know that it's good to try, and even getting to where I am now is considered weight-bearing, but it would still be nice to stand at 90°.

One thing that helps distract me are my cats. Both of them fight for the position to lay on the table while I'm standing. They love the attention from my staff and the chance to be with me of course. The gray one, Toby, is very curious and always tries to be cute. He can be very naughty and mischievous at times too. Ty is the black one. He wants everything his way only when he wants it. He can be loving and also serious. I believe the pictures say it all. They could be an advertisement for Easystand stander.



Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Thanks for sharing the post and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

wow is so nice to see a picture of you in your stander again.. long time never see it le... by the way in the picture, is that the back brace and hand brace that you got to wear most of the time? your cats really look cute and pretty


Greg said...

nice pics, thanks