Thursday, April 1, 2010

Funny Day

If you haven't already realized, today is April 1 and also April Fools' Day. I've never really done anything to "fool" anyone on this day before but I decided to do something today.

I called my moms fiancée, Charlie, on his cell phone this morning and asked him if he'd been outside yet. He said no, why? Then I said that one of my nurses went outside to leave after her shift and came back in and told me that his passenger-side window was broken. He sounded really panicked when I said that and then he hung up quickly. I heard some loud noises upstairs and then the door slammed shut. About one minute later he comes downstairs saying my name. Then I said April fools and he burst out laughing. Then I started laughing so hard I was crying. I really got him worried thinking that someone may have broken into his truck during the night and stolen something. I guess he was still in bed and he just threw a pair of pants on and went outside with no shirt or shoes. Ha ha I'm still laughing about it.

If you'd like to learn more about April Fools' Day and read about well known pranks click here.

If you'd like to see what Google did for their April fools joke click here.

Did any of you do any April fool's jokes?



Fellowblogger said...

i walked up to my friend today and said "April Fools!" she looked all nervous and asked what i had done. i said "i didn't do anything...April fools!"

Matthew Smith said...

One of our newspapers did a spoof news article yesterday, claiming that Gordon Brown (our Prime Minister) was planning to have an advertising agency brand him as a kind of "hard man" in the coming elections. They even had quotes from various people, including a feminist who campaigns against violence against women (see it here; I'm not sure if she was in on it or was being hoaxed herself). I was outraged and planned to write a blog article about it, then realised that it might have been a joke. I rang the newspaper and they told me it was.

Jenni said...

That's funny Matt that you were actually fooled by it. I think that makes it even funnier.

Steph said...

hahaha NICE ONE JEN!