Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I'm not a big fan of Halloween. Although I think it is cute when the kids get dressed up. I admit I used to dress up as a kid. One of my favorite Halloween costumes was when I was a cheetah in third grade. Oh yeah, and I used to like the candy. Now I only eat sweets every once in a while. Anyways, here are some facts about Halloween:

"The first Halloween celebration in America took place in Anoka, Minnesota in 1921."

"About 99% of the pumpkins marketed domestically get turned into jack-o'-lanterns."

"Halloween candy sales average about $2 billion annually in the United States."

"Over 10% of pet owners dress their pets and Halloween customs."

"Over $1.5 billion is spent on costumes each year and more than $2.5 billion on other Halloween paraphernalia."

"90% of parents admit sneaking goodies from their kids' Halloween trick or treat bags."

You can get more facts and other stuff by clicking here.


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