Thursday, November 17, 2011

Speeches Galore

Last Friday I spoke to three separate classes in a row at Armstrong high school. Each of them had about 15 to 20 students; it was a class called AVID which focuses on college and career goals. They needed a speaker directed towards motivation. I got some video this time and once I figure out how to edit it I will post it. I'm also going to be speaking tomorrow to three other classes at the same high school so maybe I'll get some more too.

It is difficult to speak to more than one class in a row. My voice gets hoarse by the last one. The good thing is I can see my improvement over the three. Then I know what things I should include and what I can leave out. It helps when they ask questions also because then I can figure out what they want to know.

I'm part of a program called BestPrep which has a bunch of different volunteer speakers. Here's a little info about it:

"BestPrep, a Minnesota nonprofit, engages 60,000 students in grades 4-12 each year in business, career and financial literacy education. More than 3,000 professional volunteers help BestPrep collaborate with educators to bridge classroom curriculum and the world of business outside of the classroom, enriching the teaching and learning experience.

BestPrep offers six experiential programs: Classroom Plus, eMentors, Financial Matters, Minnesota Business Venture, The Stock Market Game, and the Technology Integration Workshop.

BestPrep is a statewide, nonprofit organization with a mission to best prepare Minnesota students with business, career and financial literacy skills through experiences that inspire success in work and life."

I am part of the classroom plus program. Basically when a teacher needs a speaker, they will contact BestPrep and tell them what topic they need one for. The bureau will then look through their list of speakers and find one that fits that need then contact them. This is how I get most of my speaking engagements at local high schools.

I've been a part of it for about six years now. I think it's a very good way to get out there and gain experience. Now that I am Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota 2011 I've been speaking as that everywhere I go. I like using the title to help motivate kids to get out there and achieve their goals.

I'm hoping to get involved in many more events and speaking engagements throughout the rest of my reign. If you know of any or would like me to speak somewhere, let me know.


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