Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Under Construction

About a week ago my sister's room which is right next to mine flooded with about 3 inches of water. Somehow one of the pipes in the wall cracked and when the water got turned on for outside, it started coming in through the ceiling of the room. My mom noticed the water when it was coming down the hallway towards my room. Everything was wet. Once they got most of it cleaned up, they had to rip up the carpet in her room, down the hallway, and even some in my room where the pad underneath it was wet.

After a day or so they opened up the ceiling and fixed the pipe. A few days after that, they had to rip apart some of the wall and installation that was still wet. Needless to say our basement looks like we're under construction. I think we're planning on ripping up all the carpet and putting in laminate. Not quite sure how they're going to do my room yet, but I'm really excited. I've wanted hard floors in the basement for a while. I think it'll look really good and will be nice rolling over it with my wheelchair. Good thing my sister doesn't live here.


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