Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Inspirational Poem

Hold on Another Day

When darkness
like a heavy stone falls
and you're crushed by the weight of it all
Hold on another day
When your tears are streaming to the floor
and it seems your heart can't take any more
Hold on another day

When you think the whole world's against you
and your sweetest dreams
have all crumbled, too
Hold on another day
When your soul
is shattered to the core
and you don't know
what you're living for
Hold on another day

When false friends
prove themselves untrue
grinding your trust
like dust under their shoes
Hold on another day
When it's hard
to even breathe a breath
and you believe you would welcome death
Hold on another day

Hold on another day
Don't give up or give in
Hold on another day
start all over again
Sorrow comes to each and everyone
But tomorrow will bring a brand new sun
Hold on another day
Hold on another day
-Ben Laney

I don't know about you but this one made me tear up a bit. It hits very close to home. I guess it kind of sums it all up for me.



Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I am so happy that I found your blog. I have been reading some of your posts and look forward to reading more. I am a caregiver to my nephew, Skylar, who is a quadriplegic (complete c4-c6). He was on a ventilator for a few months after his auto accident but was able to wean off. However, he does not have the lung ability to cough or blow his nose. He is paralyzed from the shoulders down. He has a sip n puff wheel chair he gets around in and he is able to use a cell phone that we attach to the straw on his chair. He uses a toothpick held in his mouth to call and text and he is very good at doing so. He is trying to move ahead with his life but is still struggling along the way. Reading your blog gives me hope that maybe with time this journey will go more smoothly for all of us. . . I have several posts about him on my blog if you are interested in hearing more about him. I am amazed by all that you do and you sound like a remarkable young lady. I wish Skylar knew people like you. Take care and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Tee said...

I do think you are quite psychic sometimes :P - you post these at exactly the right moment!

Steph said...

This was sad but beautiful. Love you Jen.

Jan said...

You are an inspiration Jenni