Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gambling Anyone?

Yesterday I went to Mystic Lake Casino with my dad, sister and nurse to play the slots. I'm not much of a gambler; it was only my second time actually being on the floor with the machines. I used to go all the time as a kid with my grandparents just to eat and browse the shops. I didn't remember how many people smoked while they gambled. I guess it's stressful losing money or something like that. Well, it's not the best idea for me to be around all that smoke with my vent and all so we made our way back to the "non-smoking" section of the casino. When we got there, we realized that the "non-smoking" section and the "smoking" section were separated by a single aisle with machines on both sides. It wasn't exactly isolated; so much for that idea.

We ended up staying there anyways and played some different machines. I put a dollar in a couple of them, but didn't win anything. Then I found this one that I played the first time I went to the casino called Reel 'em in. I stuck $10 in that one and played till it was gone. I don't understand how people can sit there for hours just pushing a button. Especially if all you do is lose. The one thing that was funny to me was the fact that my nurse got to gamble with my money. Since I can't exactly push the button, she had to do it for me. I kept getting distracted because I wasn't actually focusing on betting.

When we were on our way out, I stopped at the poker machine and put my last $10 in. I wish I had been there the whole time because that section wasn't very smoky because it was really close to the hotel. Plus I kept winning which made it my favorite game. I quit playing when I was up to $15. That means I only lost seven dollars the whole day; not too bad. My dad and sister both left with less money as well. It was fun though, and great people watching.



Matthew Smith said...

Hi there,

We have casinos in London but they are pretty well hidden away, I think. But I heard of a woman who had seen casinos in films and decided to go to one as an 18th birthday treat. She was completely disillusioned, particularly by the complete lack of emotion people showed when they won or lost money.

Personally, I've never gambled. If I received a small amount of money and didn't have to spend it quickly on personal needs, I'd buy myself something or go out for the day rather than waste it in a slot machine. We have a national lottery here and there are often colossal jackpots, and people who win them often don't know what to do with the money and have family and friends grabbing onto them for it. More trouble than it's worth in my opinion.

jan said...

never was a gmbling fan; went one time to a casino (sun city in south africa)
found it rather boring played quickly to get rid of the chips you get with the entrance fee.

Greg said...

sounds like you had fun, I have only been once... video blackjack was fun! Someone had to push the buttons for me too