Monday, February 1, 2010

Reading Books

A couple of weeks ago I finished reading The shack by William Paul Young. I thought it was a great book! It was very well written and executed. For my psychology of religion class, we have to read two books out of five that the teacher picks. I'm already more than halfway done with the first book. After reading each book, we have to post five questions in an online discussion board that we have.

Even though I love to read, it is difficult for me because someone has to be right next to me to turn pages. I'm hoping to get a page turner soon. The only thing with that is that I would have to have some sort of switch to operate it. I could hit the switch with my head; I don't think they make that page turners voice-activated. I looked into something like an e-book where I can download books on it. Then I have the problem of someone pushing the button to turn the page.



Jen said...

I use e-books with Adobe Digital Editions, which is a program I can use on my computer. It doesn't need a separate piece of hardware. Would a computer-based e-book program be easier for you to navigate? (However, I don't know how many titles they have.)

Greg said...

Have you ever tried a software called kurzweil 3000 ? You can get your text books in digital format and the software reads it to you. Talk with your OVR counselor and get an AT eval.

VLMaples said...

You need to sign up for BookShare so you can read on your computer. If you are still a student, you can even get a free membership.