Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Need Some Ideas

I know I haven't posted as often as I usually do this month. I'm kind of in a mode where I can't think of anything to write about. I feel like I've shared a lot of stuff about my life, and I know people are reading my posts, but I need some fresh ideas of things to write about. I want to know what you want to know about me. It's one thing to just share what I'm doing and talk about school, but it's another to dig deeper and write about what I'm feeling and actual things that I'm going through as a quadriplegic. I want it to be even more personal about myself than I've already shared. So, if you have questions, ask away. You can either comment or e-mail me. Maybe your question will spark some ideas in me.



Steph said...

Have you talked about improvements in movement you have made over the years? (toes, fingers etc.) I can't remember if I have seen a post like that. I am sure people would be thrilled to hear about that.

Missing you dearly!

(sneaking while doing this at work!)

Love, Steph

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I am new here, so I don't have any requests, but wanted to say hello before I left ... and that I found your blog to be very inspiring! I read down through the first page of posts :-)

Greetings from a fellow Minnesotan, Eric "Speedcat"

Jan said...

about transportation. do you use a mini-van of your own? who drives it?

how are you going to solve the reading issue you spoke about earlier? ebook or pageturner? didn't like the image of you having to read with a person standing besides you. kind of kills the reading fun for you.

you could post a painting or try to write a short fiction story to post.


Matthew Smith said...

I know I've asked this before, but you haven't done an article on your wheelchair, I don't think. Like, which model it is, what's special if anything about it and why that one was chosen over another.

Jenni said...

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

Anonymous said...

I am always interested in knowing peoples positions on various social issues. Are you for against the Iraq war, abortion, government entitlement programs, government health care, the death penalty, etc. There is no right or wrong answer to any of these but people like to discuss them. You always seem to have such a reasoned attitude towards things. Just a thought....

SaraW said...

Hi! I've pretty much been a lurker at your site for the last few months. My name is Sara, and I'm currently in grad school for a Master's in Speech Pathology - with an interest in working in the trauma unit at a rehab hospital (Brain injury, SCI, etc.). Anyway, I found your blog while looking for more information about trachs and speaking valves and the like. I would be interested in learning more about your experiences using the speaking valve and other communucation possibilities (I'm guessing you don't sleep with it?)
It would also be interesting to learn more about your experiences with people and obstacles in the community - both positive and negative, and what you have learned from them.
Happy writing!

Matthew Smith said...

Have you much to say about online friendships? Are they greatly important to you, or do you have enough friendships via family, college etc.? Many people with disabilities very much value online friendships as they can't get out much. A few weeks ago I became aware of a group of online friends who suffer from severe ME, which is a neurological condition that causes chronic exhaustion and pain (and sometimes paralysis). Many of them were bed-bound and had to spend most of their time in a darkened room, without any noise or company. I became aware of this after one of them (Lynn Gilderdale) killed herself with her mother's help after having been in that condition for 17 years, since age 14; her mother was put on trial although cleared of the most serious charge and was released.

I saw this article by one of Lynn's online friends which was all about how deep their friendship was even though they were never able to meet as both were too ill to meet each other as they lived in different parts of the country. I'd seen an article in the same paper dismissing online friendships as "fake" about a month previously, so I wrote this in response.

Actually, one of the reasons I hooked you up with the lady in Andover is that some of the things she'd said (among them that being a quad was beyond miserable, 24/7) worried me in the light of what I'd read about Lynn. I don't know if you looked at her pictures on Facebook (I could see them as a friend of a friend) but I didn't see many smiles on her post-injury pictures.

So, I'm wondering if you keep in touch with other vent-dependent or other quads online and if this has led to any serious friendships, and if you can do an article on what if anything these kinds of relationships mean to you.

suzy q said...

Dearest, AMAZING Jenni,

I apologize for being rather curt with my message for now, but I couldn't help to write to say that you truly demonstrate all of those spiritual qualities that most of us spend our entire lives pursuing: assiduous love, beatific patience, unparalleled determination, empathy for our fellow man, etc., etc. :)I actually only came across this blog trying to do a little more research so as to best do what I could for a family in our community that knows all to well many of the struggles you face each and every day. I've been quite ill since freshman yr. of h.s. and while I don't have quadriplegia, my rare case is truly the stuff movies are made of, and then much more ;). Yet, in spite of everything, I consider it the best thing that ever happened to me (it gets harder when I take loved ones into consideration, though, because I've desroyed my family, ... :(), in that it showed me that I had everything wrong... I don't have the same worldview in any sense of the word. Knowing of the family in my community - through the father (my jr. high vice principal back in the day ;)), whose wife was in a horrible automobile accident picking up her son from baseball practice when a semi (drunk driving) struck her head on after swerving into her lane going over 100 mph. She is a mom of four children now (3 yrs. later) ranging from 8-13 and while I don't want to bore you with the instant that made me decide I had to do something, no matter how awkward to do what I could to help them out. Would you be willing to give me advice on certain things in regards to this, and since I am absolutely fascinated for you, let you vent to me or talk to me about whatever floats your boat ;) or etc, etc. And, since I am quite a unique case in my own regard, I would be willing to share my life circumstances since in a strange way, I empathize very, very much with you (although not to be confused with sympathy! :)) More soon... And, my # is 217-820-0127 (free to call anytime, day or night... and DEFINITELY call if you ever need anything, even if it's just someone to talk to! That's just what people are for! Bless your heart, sweetie! Paper Hearts & Glitter Glue, <3 Kate Mansfield