Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Angel Light

I'm not quite sure where this picture is taken, but I think it is interesting. It is not digitally enhanced in any way. I do believe in angels and think it's cool how light can make shapes like this. I've actually seen another picture before of light making an angel.


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Matthew Smith said...

It doesn't have to be altered; it could just be bad photo processing or a defect on the film. Also, if you look at the left side of the column that is partly obscured by the 'angel', you'll notice that the outline of the 'angel' exactly follows it.

It also looks like it's falling in a rather awkward position rather than flying. At least it's feet first rather than head first, otherwise it would have been seconds away from an SCI!

I believe in angels as well, but I think that if an angel really appeared like that, it would be much more distinct and unmistakeable.