Friday, August 7, 2009

Wrinkle Free

Well, I got Botox again today. I suppose I don't have to announce it every time I get it, being that it's every three months, but some people like to know. They don't just use it to get rid of wrinkles anymore. It is also used to loosen tight muscles. Although every time I go, one of my nurses wants the leftovers.

This time they just injected it into my neck muscles starting at my occipitals (the base of my head, top of my neck) all the way down to my rhomboids (along my shoulder blades). Those are really the only places that are extremely tight and painful. I've come a long way in tightness since the first time I got Botox. I'm pretty loose now in most places, except for my neck and shoulders. It takes a couple of days before it kicks in and loosens everything up. The bad thing is that it wears off pretty quickly and I'll be back for more injections in three months.

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Matthew Smith said...

Hi there,

I've noticed in some of your pictures (e.g. those taken at the school while you were giving a motivational talk) your head seems tilted back and you look rather uncomfortable; is that why?

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