Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have learned how to communicate better and be very patient because of having nurses. I direct all my own cares. That includes how things get done to me and what I want them to do, which can get exhausting.

I'm trying to learn that there is more than one way to do things. If someone were to do something for themselves, they would do it their way. However, my nurses do everything for me and so sometimes it can be a compromise on how it's done. Sometimes it's hard to explain the way that I would do things and just because it's my way doesn't mean it is always the best way.

I'm very lucky to have such good nursing care. Not many people have full nursing coverage and as great of staff as I do. When I first came home from hospital, I didn't have full nursing coverage. In fact it was barely 50%. Now I hardly have any open shifts, usually only if someone is sick or on vacation.

My nurses have to chart everything they give me and everything they do to me. That includes my intake and output for the day. Sometimes it gets a little frustrating; having someone write down every little detail in my life. That's one reason I put on a smile and don't show much emotion.



quekjl86 said...

hihi... i am a complete c2 patient here.. nice reading ur blog and see that at least u are able to move abit.. how i wish i can do so too

Jenni said...

Nice to meet you. If you'd like to talk you can click on About Me to get my e-mail address and send me an e-mail.

quekjl86 said...

alright... send you an email already