Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Very Inspiring

My aunt sent me an e-mail a while back with a link to a YouTube video. The video is about a family who never gave up on the son they had. You can watch it below.

I found this video to be very inspiring. The hope, strength, and perseverance that one person and family can have is amazing. Even when told that it is impossible; he defied all odds.



Matthew Smith said...

Uh, Dick and Rick? I hope they're not brothers!

Jenni, have you ever heard of Hilary Lister? She's a British woman, quadriplegic due to a progressive wasting disease, who is undertaking a solo sailing trip around the British isles. Right now she is on her way back down the east coast in a carbon fibre boat adapted to be controlled with a sip-and-puff controller. Her web page is here.

Cheryl said...

The guy seems perfectly capable of communicating for himself? Why wasn't he featured? Only his dad was. That pisses me off

Steph said...

This is amazing. I'm mad at you because I just put my make up on and now I have to do it ALL over AGAIN!!!!!!

:( Very Inspirational. Love you,