Friday, July 24, 2009

Quiet Again

My aunt, uncle and four cousins left our house this morning at around 6:30 AM. They are heading back to Colorado. I think they are going to drive straight through which is like 15 hours or something like that. Way too long for me to be in a car.

I had so much fun with them here. It's so quiet around the house without them. I love having guests at the house. Yesterday we went shopping at the mall down the street from my house. It was just kind of a fun outing to hang out before they had to leave.

The picture above is of my sister and I and my four cousins. It's the best one we've ever taken together. I hope they come back soon!


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Mary Beth said...

I love that picture! Mine didn't turn out that good. We had a GREAT time with you guys. I'll send you some pics when I get organized=) Love you and miss you already!!
Mary Beth