Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Emotional Freedom

These quotes are from a calendar I got for 2012. They are excerpts from the book "Emotional Freedom" by Judith Orloff. These were my three favorite out of the 12 because I can relate to them best.

"View your emotions in a non-ordinary way: as vehicles for transformation rather than simply as feelings that make you happy or miserable. Expect them to test your heart: that's the point. What you go through-what we all go through-has a greater purpose. Always, the imperative of the emotional freedom is for the love in us to evolve."

"We're ashamed of feeling afraid, inadequate, lonely, as if we've failed or done something wrong. None of these conclusions are true. It's a misguided expectation that were supposed to be serene all the time. Feeling emotions-all of them-is a courageous, spiritually transformative act. Dare to keep expanding your heart even if you've been wounded by pain or disappointed. The effort is never wasted."

"Forgiveness is a spiritual act of compassionately releasing resentments, anger or the desire to punish. It's a state of grace, nothing you can force or pretend. Forgiveness comes from your highest self, an expansion of vision. Ultimately it does more for you than for anyone else because it liberates you from negativity and lets you move forward."

I especially like the last quote. Forgiveness Is a wonderful thing because it can free you from a life of pain and suffering. I've written before about how I forgive because I think to myself what kind of life I'd be living if I was mad or angry all the time.

I hope in some way or another you can relate to these quotes as I did.



Steph said...

I love this post! The quotes are insightful, the last one especially. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Great quotes!