Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blog Hiatus

I've been on a blog break for the past couple weeks.

On December 21 I went to the capital to have a meeting with the attorney general, Lori Swanson. It was a great chance to advocate for people with disabilities and share my story. I also talked to her about a couple of bills that need to be looked over. My sister Kristen drove me and we met my boyfriend Blake there. After the meeting, we got a private tour of the capital that the attorney general had set up. We had a great time and I especially enjoyed chatting with the attorney general.

I've been helping plan the Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota 2012 pageant with the board. I'm actually going to be on the board when my title ends. We're still figuring out the little details, but I can say for sure that it will be Monday, April 2. I was crowned April 5 last year and the time has gone by so fast. I've really enjoyed this opportunity and was able to do many great things throughout my reign. Perhaps I should save the rest of this speech until it's officially over. I will definitely post more about it as I know. We are looking for contestants so if you're interested you can check out my Facebook page for more info.

School started last week. I think I'm actually going to like my Logic class. Logic is the study of the principles of reasoning; you take arguments and make them simpler by using letters and symbols. It's considered a philosophy class not math. I've always disliked math and I consider it my worst subject. I'm just not interested in dealing with all the numbers. At the time of my accident I was in an algebra class. When I was in the hospital there was a teacher there that helped me finish my classes I was in. As I remember, I was actually teaching her how to use the graphing calculator. I haven't taken math since.

I'm also taking Intro Short Stories. I looked through the book and it seemed like a lot of the stories are going to be really good. I haven't always liked to read. As a teenager I was more interested in going out with friends than reading a good book. I do like reading now but lately it's just been for classes, not for fun. I've got so many book recommendations from people that I don't know where to start. Plus if I did start reading a novel, I would feel guilty doing it knowing that I had class readings.

My shoulder is feeling a lot better since the last time I talked about it. After my MRI, the orthopedist recommended I see a physical therapist to get ultrasound done. I've gone a total of three times now. At the second appointment after the PT was done with the ultrasound, she massaged the area. Then, she taped my arm with special "joint tape" called Lueco tape. She found that my shoulder is actually dropping out of the socket and that taping it would help pull it back in. After a few days of it being on I had no pain at all (since last Thursday). It felt amazing to have my range of motion back and be able to do things without experiencing excruciating pain.

Well, I know this is a big update but I had a lot of things to talk about. I've just been so busy lately I haven't been able to write anything down. This alone took me about four days to write. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them below under "comments". I'll definitely be writing a lot more after things settle down with school.


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Good to have you back blogging. We missed you!