Thursday, October 27, 2011

Birthday Month

October seems to be the month for birthdays. A lot of my family and friends have birthdays this month. There are several on my moms side, so every year since I could remember we've had a celebration for everyone that we call October birthdays. It's great when we all can get together and see each other.

My birthday was October 19 and I turned 25. It feels weird to say I'm a quarter of a century old. It's definitely gone by fast. On my birthday my boyfriend, Blake, took me out to lunch at Punch pizza. Then we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. I hadn't been there since grade school. I forgot how much fun it is to look at art from different places and centuries. We only made it around the third floor; there is so much art it would be hard to see all in one day.

Blake's birthday was October 14 so on the 22nd we had a combined birthday party at my house with all of our friends and some family. We've been together about two months so it was a good way for everyone to meet each other. We got Subway sandwiches and had a bonfire out back. (Of course I removed my oxygen from my wheelchair so I didn't blow up.) I had an awesome time and it was so much fun! I'm grateful to have met someone like him. He's amazing and a great guy; I'm so happy. :-)

Blake and I at our birthday party



Colleen said...

Happy Birthday to you both! thanks for sharing your life journey with all of us. colleen...wheelchairlady.

Anonymous said...

So happy for you jenni to meet such a nice guy :) so you remove your oxygen, how you breathe. Haha. Chat again soon. Jialiang

Tee said...

All the best people are born in October :P

Steph said...

I loved reading this. Great party, happy for you both. :) Love, Steph