Thursday, December 30, 2010

Now That the Excitement Is over…

Christmas is over and the new year is approaching. We had lots of family over to celebrate. It's a lot of work to entertain, and we are exhausted but thankful. It works out best if people come over to our house instead of me going out because most other places aren't accessible. But it does make for hard work and long days. I'm enjoying my time off from school, but will be ready to go back in a couple weeks when it starts up again. My latest favorite thing to do when I'm bored is play Scrabble. It takes a while to play but it's a lot of fun and I'm learning at the same time; keeps my mind busy. My sister's been home from California and that's been nice. Although she flies back on Saturday for seven more months. Otherwise everything else has been good.

I hope everyone else had a nice holiday.


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Anonymous said...

Wishing you the very best in the coming year! Keep blogging! We enjoy it very much.