Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spring Semester

Well, fall semester is almost over. I'm going to be taking my final exam for my online environmental biology class sometime between December 9-14. I have to schedule a time to take it with the office for students with disabilities at Normandale. This class is been difficult at times, but I've made it this far. I will let you know how I do when I find out.

I signed up for classes to take in the spring. In a post before this fall semester I noted that I had to drop a class that I was signed up for at Normandale. It wouldn't have worked for me to go because of my wheelchair situation. That class was intercultural communications and I signed up for it again at Normandale in the spring. I also signed up for stress management online. I'm excited to start getting out more and actually going to Normandale.


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Anonymous said...

wee that is great for you to be going out to school again... jialiang