Saturday, November 6, 2010

Standing on My Own…

… two feet. I love getting in the stander, but sometimes it can be really tiring especially when my blood pressure drops. Also, my legs and back hurt if I'm not at 90° because I'm using more energy and muscle to only stand halfway. It's hard for me to even consider that standing, but I guess it is weight-bearing.

On Wednesday I actually got up to 90° for 10 min., which hasn't happened in at least a couple months. (I should note that it took me about 30 to 40 min. to get there, which is normal.) It felt so good to be standing up right, and my blood pressure actually got higher the longer I stood. It started compensating for my standing. However, on Thursday I only got up to 60° in 30 min. time before my blood pressure dropped and I had to go back down to sitting (30°). I guess it depends on the day and my body's ability to adjust. Either way I'm glad I got up to the max at least once.


(I will get pictures of my new wheelchair and post them soon! I was also thinking about doing a video of me driving it.)

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Anonymous said...

You are awesome! Good job! Keep inspiring us!