Sunday, October 31, 2010

How Do You Lose a Wheelchair?

First off, happy Halloween.

Second, how do you lose a wheelchair?

In a recent post I said that my new wheelchair was supposed to be delivered to Key Medical around the 26th and then brought to me sometime that week. When I hadn't heard anything from them, I called and left a message on Friday. One of the reps that was working on the order called me Saturday morning to give me the news. She said that they ordered the wheelchair two weeks ago and it was scheduled to come in Monday. After a couple days and no wheelchair, she called Invacare, the company we ordered it from, to track it. They said that there was no record of the chair being ordered, which was odd because she remembered ordering it and had the tracking number. After a while of digging around, they figured out that the chair was sitting in some warehouse in Ohio. Somehow it had gotten shipped wrong, someone didn't know what to do with it, left it in the warehouse, and changed the tracking number. That's why it couldn't be traced.

Needless to say, it made its way to Key Medical and they're going to bring it over within the next week. I'm definitely looking forward to being in control and independent again. The last four or five months have been hard on me, and it will be nice to be in control and have independently again. I'm definitely looking forward, not back. Let's just hope nothing else happens and that it's a smooth transition into my new wheelchair.


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