Sunday, October 10, 2010


It is autumn in Minnesota and the weather is unusually warm. Today the temperature was close to 80°F and yesterday it was at least 85°F. On this day last year we had our first snowfall. Crazy isn't it, how the weather can change so quickly and be so different from year to year.

I was outside Thursday and took pictures of our backyard. Yesterday and today I went out to enjoy the weather. The leaves are beautiful shades of orange and red now, and many have fallen to the ground. My sister is enjoying palm trees in California; I think she's missing out. She left Thursday to be in AmeriCorps for 10 months. I'm missing her already, even though it's only been a few days. I know she's having a good time though and will be a great service to others.


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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view! Great pictures.