Sunday, September 12, 2010

Word on My Wheelchair

For those of you following my wheelchair situation, here's an update.

Right now I'm just waiting on the order and letter of medical necessity from my doctor; I already received one from my physical therapist. Once it comes through, then Key Medical can submit those letters and the tentative order to my insurance company. As soon as they deny it (we already know they will because I have capped out on my medical equipment), then it can be submitted to Medical Assistance (M.A.).

M.A. has 30 days to either accept or deny it. If they accept it, then they can order it and it should take about two weeks after that. If they deny it, we can resubmit it but then M.A. has another 30 days. If they keep denying it, which is unlikely, then we can try to fight it. Hopefully, M.A. will accept it right away and then the ordering process can begin. That would be the ideal situation.

Another month or so doesn't seem quite that long, considering the length of time I've already been waiting. I think I've been through enough this summer and I'm ready for things to start going my way and to be back to as close to normal as possible.



Rai said...

Well, i do hope things get moved along quite quickly

sd said...

As much as you hate to heard this
its been going fast.