Thursday, September 23, 2010

Others View

Other people's view may be distorted or untrue if they pass judgment on me by my looks. Some people only see me as a person with a disability. Maybe they look at me and wonder what happened or ask themselves how something like this could happen. Many people look at me and see my disability, my wheelchair, my ventilator etc. and they don't often stop to think about me as a person and the abilities that I do have. They stare at the disability versus looking at the person inside.

There people who just see me out and about and turn their head to take a peek. I believe it's curiosity of the unknown. They probably just want answers on what happened. Even though I don't like it, I think I'm starting to get used to all of the looks and stares that I receive. Maybe I'm just becoming immune to it, because I don't notice it as much anymore. I know not everyone does this but if I do notice someone staring, I simply give them a smile. It lets them know that I am a person beyond my disability.

I have many friends with disabilities who feel the same way. It's like a common thing that always comes up in conversation. Probably because it happens so frequently. It's part of our everyday life. I think it happens to many people who look "different" from the rest. Sometimes I want to put a sticker on my forehead when I go out that says "I was in a car accident", just to clear things up.



Anonymous said...

Jenni, I think deep down, most people are good and simply don't always know how to act around people with disabilities. I know it seems simple to think that they should just act normally, but sometimes I think they feel by acting normally that they aren't acting properly either. Once a comfort level is reached, I think it becomes easier for everyone. People will always be people, but remember that they are generally good at heart. :-)

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I have followed your blog a while now and have left comments several times. I have mentioned my nephew, who is also paralyzed from the neck down (c4-c6) and I know he feels the same as you when he goes out and people stare. He is also on facebook that he manages himself using a toothpick and his cell phone that is attached to the straw on his sip-n-puff chair. His name is Skylar Holmes and he is on several youtube videos that my son made. I hope you have a wonderful week.