Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Is Cool

I signed up for Skype the other day. It is free and you can make voice and video calls to other people who are on it. My friend from Singapore suggested that we talk using Skype instead of just e-mailing and chatting on Facebook. We met through my blog. Last night was the first time we tried using it and it worked great! I would love to talk to other people this way; it's so convenient, especially when the other person is on the opposite end of the world. Someday I might get a WebCam so that I could do video calls. That would be awesome.

Have any of you used Skype? If so, tell me about it.


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-Ginevee; Australian aboriginal


david said...

I use it a lot. It's great! When I was studying in the UK it was the best way to call home.

Matthew Smith said...

Skype's great, and the quality of it has improved quite a bit lately. I used to chat to an old friend in Florida over it, and a few years ago the quality deteriorated after a while, but I didn't notice that last time I called her.

I've also spoken to a friend in Australia over it - she couldn't use IM as her hands were playing up at the time. (I got an idea of how ill she is, and I was researching a piece on a friend of hers who was also bedridden and far more ill with the same thing. She had a T-shirt on with the word "sick" emblazoned on it.) Skype also offers IM, though.

You've got my email address; my ID is the first part of it, before the @ sign.

Rai said...

skype is pretty nifty , me and a few friends use it to keep in touch and to have some lengthy conversations about things

Greg said...

yes I use skype all the time, its great