Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Weekend

Yesterday I entered one of my paintings in my church's art show. The show is next Saturday, but it's a juried show so they still have to pick which ones make it in. I'm sure mine will be in it though. I won't know until the 16th when they send me an e-mail.

Today I went to this thing outside in Wayzata, MN called James J. Hill days. They had a bunch of nonprofit booths and also an art fair where people could sell their work. It's pretty big with a lot of people. They closed off a long street for it. There was also about an hour long parade with about 60 entries, including the animal Humane Society with dogs and the Wayzata High School marching band. I like doing things I don't do very often. I'm not much of a parade watcher but it was fun and I enjoyed watching the kids run in the street and pick up all the candy people were throwing.

On Tuesday I have it interpersonal communication class again and I will be taking a quiz on chapter 2. I suppose I better get right on reading the second half of the chapter. I also have to read chapter 3 for this class and chapter 3 my creative writing online.


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